Love for Jesus Expressed in Burial – John 19 – DTS007


The burial of Jesus was the first act of love shown to the Son of God after his betrayal.  Joseph and Nicodemus took Him from the cross and displayed their love and respect for Jesus by wrapping His body with linen and spices.  Jesus was not treated as a criminal after his death, but as a friend and family member.

Dr. Bush brings a message from 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 and John 19:38-42 in the chapel of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on July 8, 1980.  He notes the care shown to Jesus by two members of the Sanhedrin, the same religious body that had sent Jesus to be crucified.  For an entire night and into the next morning, Jesus was mistreated and tortured while his closest friends hid themselves.  But these two men broke that cycle, and in His careful burial, they showed the love that they still had for Jesus.