Joshua and His Bible – Joshua 1 and 24 – DTS003

LRBush3_PodArt_small150This was Dr. L. Russ Bush’s third chapel message, but his first as an elected faculty member at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Given on November 18th, 1975, Dr. Bush speaks about Joshua and his commitment to scripture from Joshua 1 and Joshua 24, ending with a challenge for us to be just as committed no matter what comes. I don’t know who the man is doing the introduction, but I left him in the audio because this is one of the few mentions of the churches where Dr. Bush worked before he started teaching at Southwestern.

Today, religious liberty is being attacked by our own government in the United States in an unprecedented way.  The example given in this message of Chinese Christians remaining faithful is even more relevant now than it was then.  Dr. Bush asks us to examine what standing for the Lord really means.  Is it just making noise and writing letters or are we committed to actions as Joshua was?

I was only a few months old when this message was given, but my mother remembers being there listening while she held me in her arms.  And so when my father speaks at the end, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” he did so with his family before him.  I can say that he kept that commitment, even traveling to Asia year after year to help and teach the missionaries in persecuted areas.  I can only hope that when my life is over, I will have stood as strong as he did.