The Advancement: Keeping the Faith in an Evolutionary Age

The Advancement: Keeping the Faith in an Evolutionary Age
Genres: Apologetics, Philosophy, Theology
ISBN: 0805430342

The Advancement unapologetically presents the biblical solution as the only satisfactory worldview for modern life in contrast to the naturalistic worldview that dominates thought today.

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About the Book

Our age is not what it used to be.  We are now living in an age of advancement.  The Christian consensus no longer dominates Western civilization.  We have grown so used to the “new” as being the best solution to whatever “the problem” is that we can hardly appreciate the past anymore, and it is very difficult to recognize or evaluate what is significant.

We did not lose our intellectual blend of biblical ideas and Christian standards overnight, but it is clear that we have lost the Western cultural consensus  that understood and appreciated biblical truth and values.  How did that happen?  What exactly has replaced it?  Why do so many seem to misunderstand the Christian witness today?  Who would have thought that persecution would be so strong against Christians in the modern world?

The fact is, many Americans and Europeans and other have simply adopted naturalistic philosophy in place of a theistic worldview, and the consequences are showing up everywhere.  Illusion is the new “reality,” but the illusion of spiritual progress is no more real now than it was during the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century.

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